Warranty conditions

  1. All Invictus, StainAway and Vivendi carpets from Associated Weavers must be fitted by a professional company to BS5325 standards to be eligible for cover by the warranty.
  2. As the purchaser, you must agree to follow the advice given in this leaflet.
  3. You must register for your warranty to be eligible for cover within three months of purchasing the carpet. Providing this is done, the warranty is effective for a lifetime.
  4. The warranty only applies to carpets fitted in a single-family residence and subjected to normal domestic wear.
  5. The warranty will only be valid in the name of the first purchaser and is non-transferable, unless written authority is received from Associated Weavers. In other words, if the residence in which the carpet was fitted is sold, the warranty becomes invalid for the new owners of the residence.
  6. The warranty is only applicable to Invictus, StainAway and Vivendi carpets purchased from Associated Weavers and fitted in the UK, Eire and The Channel Islands.
  7. You must have the carpet cleaned at least once every two years by a professional cleaning company. You must also retain your receipts and invoices to validate any claim you might make.
  8. The warranty is limited to the room involved e.g. if a new, carpet has been installed in three bedroom, only the carpet in the room with the stain will be replaced.
  9. This warranty does not cover the fitting costs or any other additional costs associated with removal or installation.
  10. The warranty is no longer valid when damage arises due to malice, negligence, removal of the carpet, transport or due to fire, damage by water and similar. We specifically decline all responsibility for other direct or indirect damage. Complaints on deterioration due to normal wear and tear of the carpet - crushing of the fibres and/or shading are not seen as a manufacturing fault and are therefore not covered by this warranty.
  11. Definition of a “Stain”: A permanent modification greater than one unit on the grey scale ISO 105-A03 (1993).
  12. In case of dispute, Associated Weavers will appoint an independent expert who will inspect the carpet on site.
  13. Your statutory rights are not affected.