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This warranty covers all abnormal degradation of this product, given that:

1. The Invictus Luxury Vinyl Flooring have been professionally installed and maintained in accordance to the Invictus installations instructions (which can be viewed and downloaded on our website www.invictus.co.uk) and in accordance with the relevant country standard for resilient floorcovering installation, current at the time of installation, using the correct materials.

For Maximus click floors, this includes, but is not restricted to the following requirements:

  • The minimum recommended expansion gap must have been allowed around all fixed items including walls and pipework, and must not have been infilled or used for locating cabling etc
  • The completed floor must be fully floating. This requires that: no items have been permanently fixed either to, or through the Invictus Maximus Click flooring, no planks/tiles have been permanently bonded to the subfloor using adhesive, tape or other means
  • No adulteration of the tiles has been carried out to aid installation, including the use of excessive force or localized trimming or modification of the tongue and groove

2. Usage must correspond to the definitions according to the CE category of usage (ISO 10874), for indoor installations only. The user is responsible to ensure the correct intended use.

3.The floor has been regularly maintained, using approved products, following Invictus installation instructions.

4. The subfloor has been constructed in accordance with the relevant building standards, current at the time of installation, and the correct adhesives have been used.

5. Precautions have been taken to prevent indentation from heavy point loading (e.g. furniture) and surface scratching. Protection (e.g. felt pads or castor cups) has been fixed to the feet of the furniture to prevent damage. The product has been subjected to normal wear and tear.



The following exclusions shall apply:

1. Damage caused during storage or transportation that is not reported at the time of delivery.

2. Any willful or accidental damage caused by stains and spillages, objects being dropped or dragged across the floor (always protect the floor when moving furniture or objects, use felt pads on furniture legs), fire, excessive heat, indentation, floods, water leakage and any other accidents or misuse.

This includes damage from asphalt, battery acid, bleach or similar corrosives;

Damage due to abuse or improper usage, including pet related damage, such as chewing, digging, etc..

3. Any damage caused by incorrect or sub-standard installation/ alterations or repair: including the incorrect use of non-recommended adhesives, floor preparation materials, underfloor heating.

Defects caused by poor or incorrect subfloor preparation, including where the residual moisture in the subfloor exceeds that permitted by BS8203.

4. Damage due to improper care due to the use of incorrect maintenance products, or poor maintenance; including but not limited to stains from paints, dyes, mats or other similar material as well as any reduction in surface gloss due to normal wear and tear. Damage due to the use of steam cleaners.

5. Damage or fading caused by exposure to excessive sunlight or excessive heat.

Use of the floor in any unheated or outside/external location

6. Damage caused by localized ‘hot-spots/thermal blocks’ when underfloor heating has been installed. Damage caused by rugs or other items which do not allow heat to circulate freely.

7. Damage caused by rubber-backed or latex backed rugs or mats, as some types can cause permanent discolouration. Discolouration caused by rubber pads, rubber wheels, rubber rollers, …

8. Damage caused by indentation and abrasion: e.g. unprotected castor wheels, furniture legs, high and spiked heels. It is recommended that you use felt pads under furniture and chairs to reduce the possibility of surface scratching and marking.

9. Damage due to the click mechanism, caused as a result of poor subfloor preparation, installation or an uneven subfloor. Damage caused by the exposure to extreme temperature fluctuations or excessive direct heat (f.e. Non temperature controlled conservatories)

10. Minimal variations in colour or texture between samples and the actual floor covering. Samples supplied prior to the installation of the floor may differ from a different batch. Shading, coloration and texture may differ from the final material installed. Floor boards need to be checked for visible defects prior to the installation, Floor boards with visible defects are NOT to be installed. Complaints for such defects will not be accepted after the installation. 



Your Invictus® luxury vinyl floor comes with warranties


Invictus® Primus luxury vinyl flooring delivers a great performance. It therefore comes with a 20-year warranty for residential use. To benefit from it, all you must do is register your purchase online and follow the installing and maintenance instructions.


Invictus® Maximus and Maximus Click luxury vinyl flooring are sure to deliver an extraordinary performance for many years to come. They therefore come with a 25-year warranty for residential use. To benefit from it, all you must do is register your purchase online and follow the installing and maintenance instructions.


Invictus® Maximus and Maximus Click luxury vinyl flooring are sure to deliver an extraordinary performance for many years to come. They therefore come with a 15-year warranty for commercial use such as care, hospitality, office and retail. To benefit from it, all you must do is register your purchase online and follow the installing and maintenance instructions.

For terms and conditions regarding Invictus® warranties, please visit www.invictus.co.uk

Your Invictus Luxury Vinyl Flooring purchase must be registered on www.invictus.co.uk within 90 days after the purchase date, i.e. date on your original purchase receipt. Following your registration you will receive a confirmation email with your ‘registration ID’. Keep this unique code at hand for future reference.



In the unlikely event of any claim under this warranty, please contact your dealer within 2 weeks with your original purchase receipt.

Write to the Technical Services Department, Associated Weavers LTD, Technical Services Department, F Mill, 2nd Floor East, Dean Clough Mills, Halifax HX3 5AX West Yorkshire – United Kingdom

A filled out claim form accompanied with a copy of the original purchase receipt, proof or registration (i.e. Registration ID) and photographs should be submitted to Associated Weavers when reporting the claim.

This warranty covers the replacement of Invictus Luxury Vinyl Flooring determined as defective with: equivalent Invictus Luxury Vinyl flooring (product of equal value and specification) from the collection existing at the time of the claim, or a refund of the purchase price for the products concerned.

The product warranty does not cover any labour cost associated with removal or replacement of damaged material covered by the warranty.

Warranty periods apply from the first date of purchase of the product. In the event of a successful claim, the balance of the original warranty will apply. The value of the product is not reduced during the first 0-5 years. In the next 6-10 years the value of the product will be reduced with 70%, the next 11-15 years with 40%. After 15 years the product will have a 20% value level compared with the purchase price. 

This warranty is a voluntary manufacturer’s warranty and provides rights in addition to, and does not affect your statutory rights. In the event of dispute English law applies.