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Invictus® - Invincible carpet and flooring

Since its launch in 2015, Invictus® has been the ultimate reference in the UK market for comfortable broadloom carpet. With its dense pile, Invictus® carpet will make you prefer the carpet to the sofa. The makers of Invictus® carpet now present Invictus® luxury vinyl flooring. With the same attention to quality, the same eye for exclusive designs, and a unique performance level, Invictus® luxury vinyl flooring is the perfect match to Invictus® carpet.


Invictus® carpet and Invictus® luxury vinyl flooring: a perfect match

Who said you should pick only one flooring for throughout the house? There really is no need to battle it out with your house-mates. Luxury vinyl flooring and broadloom carpet are a perfect match.

And the best part? In the Invictus® collection, you'll find both!