Great flooring, invincible performance

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Invictus® luxury vinyl flooring

Great Flooring, Invincible Performance


When it comes to delivering a great performance, nothing beats Invictus® luxury vinyl flooring. The name is no coincidence: in Latin, “invictus” means “invincible”. Invictus® luxury vinyl flooring is sure to meet all your expectations.


Your Invictus® luxury vinyl floor will be a striking style feature in your home. Choose from a large variety of designs – including true-to-nature wood planks and realistic stone look tiles, or make a bold statement with an intricate pattern.


Invictus® exclusively benefits from Scratchmaster®. This top layer will make your luxury vinyl floor withstand busy family life with kids and pets.

The planks and tiles of Invictus® are easy to handle and install, extremely wear-resistant and require little maintenance. 

Invictus® is waterproof and therefore never out of place, not even in your kitchen, bathroom or hall.

Invictus® contributes to creating a relaxing environment. It is silent underfoot and greatly improves the acoustic qualities of your home. 

Finding your Invictus® luxury vinyl floor is easy.

Finding your Invictus® luxury vinyl floor is easy.

You can either upload an image, take picture of your room with your smartphone or choose between pre-set images.
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Warranty registration

Warranty registration

Completing the warranty registration form is an important first step in protecting your investment.

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Warranty registration


Outperforming wear protection

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 Invictus® luxury vinyl flooring

Invictus® luxury vinyl flooring

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Why Invictus

Why Invictus

Invictus® luxury vinyl flooring offers nothing but invincible benefits.

With its ultra-strong coating and highly efficient top layer, Invictus® luxury vinyl flooring offers outperforming wear protection.

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