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Darius 39 - Wheat Straw

Darius 39 - Wheat Straw

The grandeur of invincible comfort. Under the rule of Darius the Great, the Persian empire was at its height. From Asia to the Balkans and north Africa, Persia’s high culture spread fast and witnessed the rise of enchanting cities such as Persepolis and Babylon. Are you as daring and courageous as king Darius? Prepare your home for a legendary future with Darius carpet.

USP : Invictus : 20 year stain warranty
USP : Invictus : 20 year wear warranty
USP : Invictus : save money multi-width
USP : Invictus : bleach cleanable
USP : Invictus : home friendly fusionbac
USP : Invictus : comfort iVinci

Darius 39 - Wheat Straw Datasheet

Property Description
Widths (m) 3.0/4.0/5.0
Backing FusionBac
Texture Frisé
Pile composition 100% iVinci Solution Dyed Olefin
Aspect Plain color/speckled
Pattern repeating every L*W (cm)
Domestic use General: bedroom, guest room, living, dining, hobby, office
Commercial use
Pile height (mm) 11.0
Total height 13.5
Budget £££