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Carpets, by their very nature, come in for a lot of heavy use, so it’s important to follow a few basic suggestions for keeping them in tip top order. Even though your Invictus carpet is designed to withstand many spillages, it will still get dirty. So, just follow this simple advice.

Vacuum regularly

The more you vacuum your carpet, the longer it’ll stay looking good. Try and do it often, to prevent build up of soil particles in the pile. Pay particular attention to areas of heavy footfall such as doorways and at the foot of chairs or cupboards.

Periodical cleaning

It’s inevitable that dust and oil particles in the air will leave a dulling film on your carpet over time, and the best way to overcome this is by employing a professional cleaning company that will use cleaning solutions recommended for Invictus carpets. Remember that this Warranty is only valid if this is done at least once in every two year period from the date of purchase. Use the maintenance record to keep a note of this in case you need to make a claim.

Is the discolouration of carpet fibres caused when pigment from a substance like coffee or red wine leaves residue in the carpet. Before tackling a stain, check what has caused it and follow the correct removal procedure from the information in this leaflet. Remember, these stain removal procedures are for carpets made from polypropylene IVINCI SDO Stainaway yarn.

Is caused by dirt, dust, cigarette ash, and other particles that settle on a carpet during normal use. If soiling isn’t removed regularly, the particles can cause friction at the base of the carpet and weaken the fibres, causing loss of pile height and density and a dull appearance. Regular maintenance is the best way to keep your carpet free of soiling and looking great.

Things like beer, berries, coffee, cola, excrement, fruit juice, white glue, ice cream, washable ink, ketchup, sauce, soft drinks, tea and wine.

Soak up immediately using an absorbent cloth or kitchen roll. If the stain persists use a solution of one teaspoon of neutral detergent such as washing-up liquid to half a pint of warm water. Dry with a hair dryer, continually moving to prevent watermarking.

Any of the water-based foods or drinks as above.

Use non-biological washing powder or mix two litres of tepid water with half a teaspoon of carpet shampoo. Re-wet the stain using the soap solution applied with cotton wool and blot with kitchen roll as above.

Things like baked beans, blood, butter, chocolate, cooking oil, crayons, gravy, grease, ketchup, mascara, mayonnaise, milk, mustard and pet food.

Use methylated spirits, applying with cotton wool to the edges of the stain and working inwards. Don’t worry if colours darken during this treatment, just blot with kitchen roll to avoid excessive moisture. Then use a soap solution on cotton wool, dampen the area, blot with kitchen roll and dry with a hair dryer as above.

Scrape away excess then freeze with ice cubes. Shatter with blunt object like the back of a spoon and quickly vacuum chips away.

Apply nail polish remover sparingly with a cotton towel, pick up softened material and push kitchen roll towards centre of spot to avoid it spreading. Repeat this procedure until the stain is removed.

Scrape off as much wax as you can. Cover with a white cotton towel and apply a warm (not hot) iron. Repeat this procedure with a clean towel each time until the stain is removed.

Vacuum as much as possible. Loosen remaining material by tapping with a small brush, but don’t scrub. Vacuum again then use technique for water-based stains as above.

Scrape off excess lipstick and lightly rub the area with a slice of fresh white bread. Complete the removal as per the greasy stains technique above.

Things like brown sauce, shoe polish, sherry, toothpaste, urine and vomit.

Apply diluted detergent with a damp towel and leave for five minutes. Blot, then rinse with water, followed by a pad of weighted kitchen roll.

If you follow the advice in this leaflet for removing food and beverage stains from your Invictus carpet, it’s unlikely that you’ll need our specialist advice. But if you do need our assistance, this is the low cost Helpline number, available during normal business hours: 08444 990450.

Our experienced advisor will ask you a few questions and then offer further suggestions for removing your stain. Remove the stain using the recommended method. If the stain is unable to be removed you could ask for one of our specialists to visit you. If however, the stain is successfully removed by our representative, then you will be liable for the cost of this service. If we are unable to remove the stain in situ, Associated Weavers will, at our own expense through an approved retailer, provide a replacement carpet of similar quality or value (for the stained carpet only).