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Looking for a vinyl floor? Our award winning display can help.


Associated Weavers sets the highest standards for in-store displays and for the launch of Invictus LVT we have reinvented the in-store display and bring a tool with an intuitive digital module that offers a great user experience to guide you through an efficient and fun-to-do purchase process. The unit is 3.9m wide with interactive touch-screen, detachable swing-arm sample displays and a specially-lit presentation panel.




You can scan up to six of the sample choices to bring them alive on the display. Then the user friendly touch-screen lets you see that floor in different settings through a room visualiser – clicking through to change colours and styles as required.

Then you can take a closer look at your preferred selection by placing the physical sample board in a central presentation area which automatically illuminates the flooring surface and even allows side-by-side comparisons.

Take-home samples of LVT, and matching Invictus carpet ranges, are incorporated into the units storage system along with the Invictus Starter Pack, a set of care products to keep the new floor in mint condition.

The large format means social distancing can easily be maintained in-store and you can ‘drive’ the system yourself to explore all the 84 options of the Invictus range.


It’s a fantastic feature and great point of sale for any store. It gives the retailers and consumers the ability to interact, walk through their flooring journey and make the buying process a fun-to-do experience.

Wendy Adams, National Flooring Innovation Awards judge

See the award-winning Invictus display in action