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The Invictus® Starter Pack

All you need to keep your Invictus® luxury vinyl floor in mint condition for years to come, is one small box: The Invictus® Starter Pack.



Follow the advice in this guide to enjoy your Invictus® floor for many years to come!


Right after installing

You may want to unpack the Starter Pack right away and take out the Invictus® PU cleaner to eliminate all traces of the installing.

We advise you to also use Invictus® Floor Mat to apply an extra matt anti-slip protective finish.

With Scratchmaster®, there’s little risk of scratching your Invictus® floor. Still, you can further minimize the risk: fit your furniture and chairs with the gliders available in the Starter Pack, and lift instead of dragging when moving furniture.



Daily cleaning

The Invictus® Starter Pack is ideal for regular cleaning.

When mopping the floor – remember, it is waterproof –, make sure to dilute some Invictus® PU Cleaner in the water. It will remove all traces of daily family life, like dirt and shoe marks, without leaving any residue.

To quickly refresh your floor, use diluted Invictus® Floor Mat.

To avoid staining – even if unlikely – it’s a good idea to wipe away spills as soon as they happen.