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Invictus® Maximus Click is a rigid click luxury vinyl flooring

Invictus® Maximus Click is luxury vinyl flooring to be installed using the click system.

The outstanding rigid material of Invictus® Maximus Click is a far cry from seemingly similar but lesser quality products, and therefore guarantees an unseen level of dimensional stability. An excellent flooring choice, with many advantages:

Thanks to its high locking strength and dimensional stability, it is a favourite with professional installers and DIY enthusiasts alike. The click system makes the rigid wood design planks and stone look tiles easy to install – and to remove, should you wish to reuse your floor elsewhere. Installation does not require the use of specialized tools: a utility knife is all you need. There’s no better choice for a quick and dust free overhaul of your floor, without using any adhesives.



With Invictus® Maximus Click planks or tiles, minimal subfloor preparation is needed. The rigid material is very forgiving and will hide tile joints and most imperfections such as cracks and high and low spots. The result is a perfectly smooth surface.



Invictus® Maximus Click has an attached underlay, that enhances the acoustic benefits of your floor. On top of that, the underlay helps even out subfloor imperfections..



There’s a 100% matching scotia for each Invictus® Maximus Click design. It will not only cover the necessary expansion gap but also adds an elegant finishing touch.